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6 In 1 Electronics Cleaning Kit for Keyboard, Touchscreen, & Earbuds

6 In 1 Electronics Cleaning Kit for Keyboard, Touchscreen, & Earbuds

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Material: ABS plastic, PC plastic, soft nylon, fiber polishing cloth.


Size: 4.13x1.97x1.16in / 105x50x29.5mm.

Care Instructions


6-In-1 Multifunctional Electronics Cleaning Kit for Computer Keyboard, Tablet & Phone Screens, Earbuds (Wireless Earphones), & Charging Case.

Keep your different devices clean and neat with this portable cleaning kit.

Used for:

  • Keyboard cleaning
  • Laptop, tablet, & phone screen cleaning.
  • Earbuds (wireless headset) cleaning, & their charging case cleaning.

Why use this cleaning kit for your electronics:

  • Helps you keep your devices clean and neat and makes you proud of what you have.
  • Compact and portable in your pocket or bag.
  • Easy to use.
  • Small investment that saves time and money instead of replacing your devices or paying for expensive maintenance services that would charge a lot just for cleaning them.
  • One kit for different devices such as: keyboard, mobile phone, touchscreens, earbuds, earbuds' charging case.

How it works:

  • For computer keyboard, use the keypad puller to detach keys from the keyboard, then clean the keyboard from the dust with the large brush.
  • For touchscreens, apply screen cleaning liquid and wipe with the fiber flannel.
  • For earbuds, and small gaps in different devices, use the pen's silicone tip to removes stubborn stains, and the mini brush to clean them well.
  • For earbuds charging case, use the flocked sponge to clean the case from inside.
6 In 1 Electronics Cleaning Kit Earbuds Cleaner

This Multifunctional 6-In-1 Electronics Cleaning Kit includes in it:

  1. Keycap puller for safely detaching the keys from the keyboard.
  2. Built-in, retractable, soft high-density large brush for cleaning the keyboard.
  3. Built in polishing fiber flannel wipe for cleaning phone, tablet, and laptop screens.
  4. 3-In-1 cleaning pen for cleaning earbuds and their charging case, in addition to cleaning small gaps and charging ports in phones, with a silicone tip, mini high-density brush, & flocked sponge.
6 In 1 Electronics Cleaning Kit Parts

Material: ABS plastic, PC plastic, soft nylon, fiber polishing cloth.

Color: White-Grey.

Size: 4.13x1.97x1.16in / 105x50x29.5mm.

Net weight: 2.4 oz. / 68g.

Packages includes:1 Multi-functional 6-in-1 Electronics Cleaning Set for computer keyboard, phones, touchscreens, & earbuds.

Important tip: When cleaning the keyboard, take a photo with your phone before removing the keycaps so that you return each one later in its right position.

6 In 1 Electronics Cleaning Kit Key Puller

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