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Cat Litter Scoop with Bags

Cat Litter Scoop with Bags

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Durable PP (Polypropylene) Plastic.


4.7X11.4" (12x29 cm)

Care Instructions

Can be easily cleaned with water.

Cat Litter Scoop with built-in bags.

It will make your life easier as you don't need to hold the grocery bag open in one hand while scooping your cat's litter box.

No more mess created while the cleaning the litter box as the waste bag will be built-in with the litter shovel.


  • Built-in trash can with waste bag for faster, easier, and non-messy cleaning for the litter box.
  • Good capacity for cleaning the litter.
  • Special compartment in the bottom to carry the roll of trash waste bags. After one bag is filled, it can be easily removed and replaced by a new one.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to use and clean, and easy to carry with the handle.
  • Avoid litter waste as it can filter it through the holes easily.
Cat Litter Scoop with Bags & Holes

Usage instructions:

  1. Remove the small lid at the bottom of the trash bin.
  2. Put it in trash bag roll.
  3. Close the lid.
  4. Turn the shovel/handle and detach it from the trash can, and pull up the bag from the roll, and put it on the mouth of the bin.
  5. Re-attach the shovel/handle and secure it to the bin by rotating it.
  6. Clean the litter with the scoop.
  7. After finishing, detach the shovel/handle again, take out the used trash bag and tear it from the rest of the roll. Tie it, prepare the next bag, and re-attach the shovel again.
Cat Litter Scoop with Bags Usage Steps

Package includes:

  • First variant: Grey w/o Bags: One round cat litter scoop with shovel and built-in trash can.
  • Second variant: Grey with Bags: One round cat litter scoop with shovel and built-in trash can, and two rolls of trash bags, 15 bags each.


4.7X11.4" (12x29) cm.

Weight: 0.44 lbs.(200g).

Material: Plastic.

Cat Litter Scoop Bags Storage Compartment


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