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Self-Cleaning Cat Brush

Self-Cleaning Cat Brush

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ABS plastic, HTPE plastic, & stainless steal.


8"*3.3"* (20.2*8.5 cm)

Care Instructions

To remove the hair from the brush, press the button with your thumb in order to move the hair to the top of the needles, and then remove the hair layer with your thumb and index.

Self-Cleaning Pumpkin Cat Grooming Brush.

Cat shedding can be really annoying to cat parents as the cat hair spreads all over the place, which makes it really boring & time-consuming to clean up the house and even clothes.

Not to mention that not grooming cats on regular basis can lead to accumulating stress and even increases cats' stress and depression, leading to annoying and sometimes aggressive behavior.

That's why, it is important to regularly groom your cat and help reduce their depression and keep them, and the place, clean and shiny all the time.

And this Self-Cleaning Cat Brush will make your life just easier and cleaner.

Why other cat parents love this brush:

  • Helps Your Cat (and Helps YOU): Keeping cats clean and grooming them on regular basis helps reduce their anxiety, heat stress, skin irritation, painful knots and parasites, leading to healthier and quieter living and peaceful nights that will also improve the quality of your sleep and energy levels.
  • Time Saver: Clean the hair right at the source before spreading it all over the place and then trying to pick it up off the furniture and your clothes.
  • Money Saver: No need to keep buying new cat combs every few months as you can easily clean this brush with the self-cleaning button.
  • Easy to Use: Just press the button with your thumb in order to move all the picked hair out of the brush plate to the top of the stainless steel needles, and then remove the hair layer with the other hand. Anti-slip handle and comfort grip.
  • High Quality: Made of durable material of plastic and stainless steel.
  • Safe with HTPE Protection Points: Covering the end of the 232 stainless steel needles, the plastic protection points will keep your cat's skin safe from possible scratches when brushing them, in addition to giving them a joyful massage.
Safe Self Cleaning Cat Brush

Style: Pumpkin.

Size: 7.7"*3.3" (19.5*8.5 cm)

Self Cleaning Cat Brush Size

Colors: Green, White, Purple.

Material: ABS plastic, HTPE plastic, & stainless steal.

Package Includes:

1 Unit of Pumpkin Style Self-Cleaning Cat Brush (Comb).

How to Clean it:

After brushing your cat's hair, press the button on the brush and the hair will be moved out of the brush plate to the top of the needles, then remove the hair layer with your thumb and index.

Self-Cleaning Cat Brush Use

Before you order:

  • Kindly, choose the color and quantity of the self-cleaning cat comb from the variant selectors above the "Add to Cart" button above before ordering.
  • Due to the manual measurements, the exact dimensions of the brush might vary slightly.
  • Due to the different devices' screen calibration, the actual brush colors might look slightly different from you see on your device.

Note: Shipping might take from 2-4 weeks to deliver this item from the time of fulfillment. We will provide a tracking number once the package is shipped.

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We appreciate your patience. :)

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